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With its dark crimson colour and earthy flavour, beetroot is loaded with health benefits. Beetroot is a well-known source of haemoglobin; it also provides a natural glow to the skin, keeps digestion proper, and keeps a check on blood pressure. A low-calorie vegetable, beetroot is consumed in many ways, like in salads, soups, curry, and juice. Beetroot, a wonder vegetable, is a good source of folate and should be included in the diet as it is abundant in vitamins and minerals. One such innovative way to include beetroot in our diet is beetroot pappad. Pappads, also known as appalams, are a common appetiser that elevates mood while also providing nourishment and health. These crunchy and flavorful pappads are chemical-free and made using all-natural ingredients. Each pappad is made in a small circular shape that attracts the young ones. Beetroot pappad, upon frying, becomes crispy and tasty and is served as a side dish with steaming rice and sambar or as an anytime snack. These pappads are healthier when fried in wood-pressed oils, as they undergo minimal processing and the nutrients in the oil remain intact.






  • Improves haemoglobin levels.


  • prevents cell damage.


  • Guilt free


  • No artificial colours are added.


  • rich in antioxidants called betanin, which prevents the oxidation of bad cholesterol.


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