Pappads, also known as appalams, are a common appetizer that enhances the taste of the meal while also providing nourishment and health. There are many ways the pappads are prepared, but the most popular ones are rice pappads, popularly known as appalam in Tamil Nadu, appadam in Andhra Pradesh, and happala in Karnataka. Rice is an indispensable part of Indian meals. People choose rice according to their preferences. Whether boiled, parboiled, or raw, all these varieties are used to make different dishes. Rice pappad is one of the dishes made with rice, spices, and flavours. A thin, crisp, round-shaped deep-fried or roasted food served as an accompaniment to a meal for lunch and dinner, these crunchy and flavorful pappads are chemical-free and made using all-natural ingredients. Each pappad is made in a small circular shape that attracts the young ones. These crispy pappads are healthier when they are fried in wood-pressed oils, as they retain the majority of nutrients like vitamin A, C, and D, as well as antioxidants. Wood-pressed oils are heat- and chemical-free. And hence, frying in wood-pressed oils is always a healthier alternative. Frying and draining off the excess oil by placing it in a tissue is the best way to enjoy these crunchy pappads.




  • Rich in carbohydrates that keep the body energised.
  • Roasted pappads are known to be a low-calorie snack.
  • Contains iron and vitamin B.


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