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Finger millet, or ragi, is a grain that looks like mustard and is incredibly nutritious. Ragi is abundant in amino acids, iron, calcium, and fibre. It is a common name in South Indian households, and many dishes are made using ragi flour, like idli, dosa, roti, mudde, cakes, and cookies. Ragi porridge is a solid food given to babies older than six months. It strengthens the bones, helps them gain weight, and also ensures the proper absorption of nutrients.


What is Sprouted Ragi Flour?


Sprouted ragi flour is made by crushing the sprouted ragi grains.

The nutrition levels of sprouted ragi flour are ten times higher than those of ragi grains and flour. The germination of the ragi grains increases the levels of vitamins and minerals. The sprouted ragi flour is a gluten-free source of protein and is easier for the stomach to digest. This ‘superfood’ is known to fight anaemia and calcium deficiency.


How to prepare sprouted ragi malt?


Sprouted ragi malt is a drink made by cooking sprouted ragi flour with water and milk. Add 150 ml of water or milk to a pan. Add 3 spoons of sprouted ragi flour, mix well, stir, and cook till it starts to thicken. Serve warm.





  • Good source of protein and calcium
  • Helps in treating anaemia
  • Ensures better absorption of nutrients.
  • Help to maintain heart health
  • Improves immunity
  • The best solid food for babies


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