Ragi pappads are simple sun-dried foods prepared from finger millet, or ragi as it is often termed. Pappads, also known as appalams, paapad or pappadams are a common appetizer that elevates mood while also providing nourishment and health. These disc-shaped pappads become great when they are roasted or fried in Wood pressed / chekku coconut oil / velichenna.  This is completely guilt-free and improves flavor, taste, and supports overall health. Finger millet/ ragi grains, also known as Nachini, is an ancient grain that resembles mustard and is used to make porridge for infants and young children as it is excellent for their bones. Despite of its numerous health benefits people have still not embraced ragi fully, but due to the acceptance of ancient grains these days, ragi is gaining popularity and this millet is becoming a significant part of our diet.




  • Ragi is an abundant source of calcium and vitamin D, helping in improving bone health.
  • Rich in phosphorus which balances dental health, digestion and maintains pH levels in the body.
  • Rich in iron, helping in maintaining haemoglobin levels in children and adults.
  • The high fibre content in ragi helps in keeps us fuller for a longer time, keeps unwanted cravings away and aids in better digestion.
  • Guilt-free.


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